Internet Safety - Shopping Shenanigans


It’s the “x” that “marks the spot” on the map.

And speaking of maps, one way to verify that an online store is legitimate is that it has a phyical location.

When shopping on a webstore you are not familiar with, look for whether or not a business has a verifiable physical address and phone number listed on their website.

An easy way to check whether an address is real is to research it on Google Maps.

And you can verify the phone number by calling it to clarify a return policy or where to go with any issues after the purchase.

Put companies through the wringer before you plunk down your credit card number. There’s a reason that non-delivery/non-payment is the most common cybercrime complaint: it hurts when that happens, financially and emotionally.

What is the best evidence a person can be trusted? Tap your answer: