Generations on Line Internet Scavenger Hunt Banner

Hi GoL Team! 

If this idea flies, and we build it, the QR code you just scanned would have led to our Corp site home page or or any other landing page we want it to. I’ll explain why I thought of the sticker in a bit…

In the meantime, I though an “Internet Scavenger Hunt” might be a fun way to help people practice searching. Maybe add it to the “Librarian” tool…it is just an idea and I would gradually make the “searches” a little harder but here’s the basic idea:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Internet Searching!

Before we start I need to make sure you have a few tablet skills.

To continue, tap on the circle next to each skill and then tap on the “Continue” button.  (If you need some basic tablet training, tap here)

Image of cartoon owl dressed as a librarian