Internet Safety - Password Perfection

Excellent Choice! 

But could you remember that password? If not, this next “Password DO” is for you!

Mix up the words in the “passphrase.”

If you can’t get your head around substituting numbers and symbols for letters, another way you can create a strong but memorable password is to create a passphrase that doesn’t make any sense (except to you). While you may indeed be using “dictionary words,” you’ll be using them in a way that doesn’t “register” with hacker software.

For instance, a passphrase that only makes sense to me is roaDoNthEshoWgeTthiS! It was an inside joke between old friends to say “get this show on the road.”

Also notice that instead of the FIRST letter of each word capitalized, the LAST letter is. Because passwords are case sensitive, unusual capitalization adds extra strength to a password/passphrase.

The “!” is used because many forms require that your password have at least one “special character” (any key on your keyboard that is not a number or letter).

To see the last “DO,” tap the BETTER password below.