Internet Safety - Safe Surfing Section

Then prepare for the “pop-ups!”

At some point – sooner or later – you are going to be innocently surfing the web and all of a sudden a message is going to pop up that you weren’t expecting (as shown below):

Sample scam popup saying the tablet is infacted with a virus

And it could say anything:

    • Congratulations! You won (something)!”
    • Warning: You need to update (something)!”
    • Click here for an important (something)!”
    • “[your shocking or frightening message here!]”

Honestly, NONE of these “pop-ups” are trustworthy!

The best rule is to ignore and close them…with one expection! IF you get a “pop-up” that says something like “this page is malicious,” DON’T ignore THAT. If that happens, close the whole tab entirely (and start again).

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