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No clue? Then you’ve come to the right place!”

To be honest, all search engines work pretty much the same as far as how you use them.

I’m going to use Google as a “model” because Google is a very popular search engine and, if used properly, is a safe way to search for anything on the Internet.

But again, Google works very similarly to all the other search engines so the tips you are about to learn will work with any of the other search engines as well.

If at any time, you would like to try searching for something using Google, tap on the owl to open a new tab and start searching.

This tab will stay open in case you want more help.

     “So how exactly do I search for something?”

Good question! One way is to type a question in the search box just as you’d ask me if I were a “real” librarian. For example, you might ask me, “Where are the books about fitness?” 

Tap on a question below that you might ask:

Where can I find my local newspaper?

Does my old high school have a website?

Where is the closest place to me to get a vaccine booster?

How can I adopt a pet from the ASPCA?

I’d ask a completely different question…