Getting an Email Account

How to pick a “username”

You can pick almost any name you want to be your “email name” – and most people use their real name (or some variation) but there are a couple things to be aware of:

1. Your name cannot have any spaces in it. So if you want to use your full name, you would leave out the spaces between first (middle) and last name.

2. Your name must be unique. So if you want to use your real name but it has already been taken, you can try adding your middle name, or adding a number that means something to you, or try putting a “_” between names.

3. You want to use a name that is easy to remember (for you and your friends). And easy to type – you’ll type it a lot!

4. Your email name is “forever!” Once you choose your name, you cannot change it. The only way to get a new email name is to get a new account.

5. “Business or Pleasure?” When choosing an email name keep in mind whether you will be using your email account mainly for fun or for work/business. If it is for fun, you can get as creative as you want but if you will be using this email for work applications or other more “formal” situations, you will want to use something more “professional” and closer to your real name.