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A short list of dating sites:

There are a lot of good online dating sites on the Internet and this this is only a sample list with you in mind. Tap on a title to go to that site. (Tapping will open a new tab. Close that tab to come back to this page.)

Simplistic design and straightforward features for people who may not feel comfortable using computers or navigating the internet or apps.

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Match is a favorite matchmaker in the online dating scene because it identifies compatible dates who share a similar interest or similar life experiences.

The eharmony dating service has become a widely respected virtual matchmaker for anyone seeking a serious relationship, and it’s particularly helpful to older adults with high dating standards.

Silver Singles is an online site and dating app geared toward older singles in their 50s, 60s, and 70s, and it doesn’t take much more than an email address and profile picture to complete your free dating profile.

With Tinder, you simply upload a couple of photos, write a sentence or two about yourself, and start swiping through others’ profiles until you see someone you like.