Internet Safety - Brave New Banking

You’ve been lucky, it happens to everyone eventually!

The fakes are getting better and better so you have to be careful when it comes to phishing.

The FIRST thing you need to know is your bank will NEVER ask for you to supply personal information, such as your social security number or account number, via text or email. 

But scammers will! They will pretend to be your bank and try to “hook” you any way they can.

They will send out “phishing” emails (and texts) that appear to be from your bank. They’re hoping you’ll enter your login information at their fake version of the bank’s site. Here’s an example of a “Bank of America” phishing email:

Never click on links in emails that appear to be from your bank, even if they look legitimate. Instead, type the bank’s web address into the address bar yourself, or use a search engine like google to find the correct web page.

Imagine for a moment that your tablet is your “bank security system,” when was the last time you “updated” it? Tap your answer to continue: